Web Development Services

Deerhold has extensive experience in building Web applications for organizations, both large and small. Products we build are all complex and scalable Web applications with data processing back-ends. We have expertise in using a fully open source stack with Java, Groovy on Grails and also in the Microsoft stack with .NET MVC.

No matter which server technology stack the client chooses, Deerhold’s development methodology for Web applications follows these steps:

  • Gather requirements
  • Designers create several variations of static mockups
  • Designers make iterative changes to mockups based on client feedback to create a final version of mockup
  • Designers create clickable mockups to simulate a functioning product
  • Begin Web application development following a Model View Controller (Services) approach
  • Begin Quality Assurance Testing (QAT) and progress in parallel with development
  • Provide frequent User Acceptance Testing (UAT) releases for client feedback along the way with regular status and progress updates
  • Provide final UAT release
  • Host on Deerhold’s servers or deliver final site for client’s own hosting solution

The client end features a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript with extensive use of JQuery. We have adopted HTML5 and CSS3, keeping browser compatibility in mind. The expert use of these technologies coupled with our scalable MVC development model on the server side creates flexible, easy-to-maintain and high quality Web applications. Deerhold’s development methodology and expertise are well suited for building complex yet highly responsive and flexible Web applications.

Mobile Development Services

Deerhold builds both iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android applications for mobile devices, as well as applications that can run on iOS and Android when cross compatibility is desired. Deerhold’s experience in server and Web application development means we can create a complete connected infrastructure to meet your mobile application needs.

Deerhold applies tried and tested development methodologies for mobile application development, just as it does for server, desktop and Web application development. Furthermore, our experience in creating server and Web applications allows us to create platforms to support complex mobile applications.

Data Conversion Services

Deerhold has extensive experience in handling data of all types for customers across many industries. You can leverage Deerhold's experience and our global services team to convert the data you receive from partners, vendors or legacy applications into any format you require. Our mature process for handling data conversions supports one-time conversions and ongoing processes that need to be automated and maintained.

Implementation times vary by project but Deerhold's experience guarantees the fastest possible implementation at the lowest cost. The rules driving the transformation cycle are as follows:

  • Never change client data
  • Perform extensive quality control at every phase
  • Document the exception list at each step and share with the client

IT Services

Deerhold's primary focus has been to serve the U.S. healthcare industry, but our capabilities span across many domains and technologies. We are here to handle your information technology needs so you can focus on your core business.

At Deerhold, our experience starting small businesses, operating in the cloud and running highly effective development teams means we can provide next generation information technology services for companies with limited budgets. Deerhold was founded by a team of entrepreneurs who have founded and operated small businesses, so we understand how a small business operates at each stage of the lifecycle. This knowledge is central to the services we provide and the way we work with clients and partners.

We also understand the rapid pace of business and technological change, and that dynamics specific to your industry, experience and priorities sometimes require you to look for outside partners to help you succeed. Being that partner is core to Deerhold’s mission.

WordPress Development Services

Deerhold has a team dedicated to website design and content management platform development using WordPress. Our team provides very high quality custom WordPress development services. Our experienced WordPress website developers have created many WordPress add-ons. The services we provide include developing different plugins for different features, creating multi-faceted themes and templates, optimizing your website for SEO, and making it more responsive across different platforms.

If you are looking for a team of web developers using WordPress technology, look no further than Deerhold.

Services Overview

Capability Description
Desktop Application Development For desktop application development, .NET and Java, are used. .NET is preferred by most clients but development of desktop applications in C++ (win32 API) can also be done.
Web Application Development For Web application development, .NET and Java are core competencies. However, we have competency in Ruby on Rails, PHP and classic ASP. For .NET, we prefer the ASP.NET MVC 4 framework. For Java, we prefer the Grails framework. JQuery is the preferred JavaScript library for Web application development.
Mobile Application Development We have experience working with industry leading platforms. We have deployed projects on both Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) mobile operating systems. Applications can be built natively or by using a framework such as PhoneGap.
Data Conversion, Analysis and Reporting We have very mature processes for handling data conversions. We accept both one-time conversions and ongoing conversions requiring automation and maintenance. Highlighted areas of expertise are claims data analysis, EDI parsing and generation, HL7 messaging and parsing, CDA and CCD, BizTalk Server, Crystal Reports and SSRS.
Database Architecture and Administration We are experts in MSSQL development and administration. We are equally capable in Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL. If necessary, we can also work on MS Access and FileMaker databases.
Big Data We leverage noSQL technologies like Apache Hadoop, and HBase over cloud computing environments such as Amazon’s EC2 when handling big data. Our own products operate using this ecosystem.
Cloud Computing The advent of cloud-based computing has significantly altered the cost dynamics to launch and host internet services. The new paradigm allows you to purchase only what you need, when you need it. Cloud computing, however, still requires a technical staff that is beyond the reach of many small businesses. We have extensive experience with cloud infrastructure leaders Amazon and Rackspace, and can ensure a seamless transition to the cloud.
Email Management We can setup and manage the email system of your choice, from Microsoft Exchange to Google’s Apps for Business.
Backup Services Archiving strategies for critical data is one of the most important investment decisions any business can make, and yet it is often one of the most overlooked. We understand the need for backing up your data and can help you implement a data recovery plan and system, ranging from simple to sophisticated, with multiple layers of redundancy.
Network Security Keeping your information and networks secure is one of our core areas of expertise. Working with security-conscious clients in industries such as healthcare and finance has helped us develop network and security services that can benefit all types of businesses.
SharePoint Development and Administration We have experience in developing and administering Microsoft's SharePoint, a Web application platform for content management, document management and various other needs.
Salesforce Customization We can customize the customer relationship management (CRM) tool Salesforce to fit your needs, including integrating custom reporting and analysis into the basic package. We have built call center applications and using Salesforce and other CRM products for our clients.
Graphic Design We have a dedicated team of creative designers who create graphics designs for logos, custom applications and advertisements. Our standard tools are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
Website Design and Hosting We create state-of-the-art websites and blogs using pure HTML, PHP or content management systems like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. We are also capable of using new technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. For hosting, we use Amazon EC2 and provide 24x7 monitoring and regular backups.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) We develop and implement search engine optimization (SEO) plans for clients with the objective of increasing their website rankings on organic search results of major crawler-based search engines. Our SEO plan includes a thorough review of the client's website, competitor analysis, research and selection of keywords, and a tactical plan to execute search engine optimization.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) service lets you upgrade your search-based advertising strategy. We develop and implement SEM plans for clients that include: strategy development, keyword analysis, search engine optimization for “blended search” listings at all major search engines, and the purchase and management of pay-per-click (PPC) search advertising. SEM campaign management provides merchants, online advertisers and online marketers with the ability to measure and analyze, from a single, unified console, the results of a search engine marketing campaign across pay-per-click (PPC) ad networks, organic search engines and Web directories.
Social Media Optimization (SMO) Under our Social Media Marketing (SMM) service, we develop and implement SMM plans for clients with the aim of building brand awareness, driving customer engagement, improving customer service, generating online buzz, and boosting organic search engine rankings and website traffic. Our SMM service helps clients engage directly with their customers by leveraging social media and understanding how social media relates to their business and existing online marketing campaigns.